Welcome to Skydive Philippines - Siquijor Island

From the first tandem jumper who want to discover the thrill of skydiving to the ones who have their own licences, we have many solutions to help you enjoy the blue skies and live your passion.

Our dropzone is USPA Foreign affiliated and our all instructors are full time skydivers licensed by USPA and UPT. We are using the best equipments available on the market and are following the USPA regulations and recommendations for their maintenance and care. Feel free to ask our instructors about their current licenses numbers and professional ratings.

Our dropzone is located at the airport of Siquijor Island, South of Cebu Island in the Visayas area of the Philippines. It's very easy to come visit us through Cebu, Dumaguete or Bohol. Siquijor Island is the best view you can get when you skydive in the Philippines. When fly to the altitude for around 30 minutes, we have a breathtaking view over the coral reef surrounding Siquijor Island, a nice view over Negros Oriental, Cebu Island, Bohol Island and Mindanao. If you want to stay around the Magical island of Siquijor for some days, you can enjoy many activities and local attractions.

Feel free to discover all the possibilities we offer and don't feel shy to contact us to organize your events like Bachelor Party, Wedding proposal, Anniversary, Birthday gift, and many more...

Blue skies !

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