Terms and conditions of use

Section 1 - Introduction

Any sale contracted electronically with our company on www.skydive.ph site is subject to these terms and conditions. 

These terms and conditions exclusively govern the sales of products and services proposed on www.skydive.ph website. They are always available on this website by the customer at the time of registration of the order. 

Accordingly, the placing of an order implies full and unreserved acceptance by the customer of these terms and conditions. 

The website www.skydive.ph is open to individuals and professionals. However, professionals can receive our terms and conditions for wholesalers and get a personalized quotation by email by contacting us at contact@skydive.ph.

We strive to provide of our best, the accuracy and the update of the information disseminated on www.skydive.ph website. However, we reserve the right to change at anytime and without notice, its content. 

For any additional information, the customer can contact the after-sales services to the following address: contact@skydive.ph.

Section 2 - Identification of the offeror

Cleverglow Limited - skydive.ph
20/F, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road
Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 9827 9397
Email: contact@skydive.ph

Section 3 - Information to the consumer

The features and prices of our products sold are available electronically on the website www.skydive.ph. 

In addition, the client is informed prior to and after the conclusion of the sale and including these terms and conditions for which he declares to have been informed before the confirmation of the order and which it has access from the website www.skydive.ph. 
Photos of items for sell on www.skydive.ph website have no contractual value and may vary slightly from the items themselves. 

Section 4  – Price

The prices of products and services sold on the website www.skydive.ph are quoted per item and reference and don't include taxes (VAT) and excluding shipping costs. 

At the time of validation of the order, the price paid by the customer means the price all inclusive, the sum of the price excluding taxes (VAT) of items that compose the order increased by the shipping costs.

Prices are quoted and payable in Philippine Pesos (PHP). Telecommunications costs inherent to the access to the website shall be borne by the customer. 

The conditions of period of validity of our products and prices are determined by updating the website at the release of our collections or our promotions and remain applicable as long as they are available on the website. 

Any order of the consumer means acceptance of the prices and descriptions of products available for sale. 

We reserve the right to change the prices and descriptions of products for typographical error or manifest entry. 

Despite our vigilance, it is possible that occur on our website pricing errors. If orders were placed at prices clearly erroneous due to an error, the orders will be canceled, even if they had been validated by our services. 

The prices quoted on the website www.skydive.ph, including promotional offers are exclusive to the website despite offers available on other distribution channels of the company. 

Section 5  – Order

The products and services offered for sale on the website www.skydive.ph are available within the limits of available stocks. If one or more items ordered are no longer available, the customer will be informed by email as soon as possible. 

The client will therefore receive the rest of his command unless expressing us the desire to cancel its entire order. In this case, he will give us his decision within 24 hours after the email informing him of the missing(s) item(s). 

All orders must be accompanied by the full payment, and will be executed by us after we are assured of the identity of the recipient. Therefore, we can not accept shipments against cash on delivery. 

Any order placed on the website shall be exclusively paid online via one of the credit card proposed by Stripe. 

Your order is taken into account after final confirmation of your payment by the GIE bank card and Stripe. 

However, in case of fraudulent use of your credit card, you are required, upon the finding of such use, contact our customer service. The final validation of the order will be made after the confirmation of the payment. 

After placing your order, we will send you an confirmation email of the order registration and the payment validation. 

Steps in the order: 

  1. Enter the address www.skydive.ph
  2. Make your selection of products to add to your cart
  3. Follow the instructions for opening an account or log in
  4. Check the items placed in your shopping cart
  5. Confirm your order by clicking the "Pay" button which will imply the acceptance of these terms and conditions
  6. Follow instructions for the secure payment of your order. Your bank account will be debited of the total amount of your order (shipping costs included) at the date of the delivery note by our services
  7. You will receive an acknowledgment email being from order confirmation
  8. Then you will be delivered to the delivery address specified in your order

When establishing the account opening form, the communication of his personal data, the credit card number and confidential data relating thereto and the order validation; the customer undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions. 

Once validated by the customer, the sales contract formed between skydive.ph and the customer will be considered as perfect, subject to acceptance of skydive.ph which reserves the right to refuse any order in the following cases, without this list isn't exhaustive: 

  • in case of disputes arising with the client on the day of order
  • in case of incomplete or partial payment by the customer of a previous order or in case of payment incident during a previous customer order
  • in case of refusal of the authorization of credit card payment by banking institutions for the relevant order


Section 6 - Secure payment

The payment of customer purchases is made by credit card.
Payment is made through a secure service provided by the third electronic payment Stripe. This third payment is strictly certified with approvals and certifications obtained from GIE bank cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Stripe is also certified PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) by Visa and Mastercard. This certification is renewed annually and ensures a high level of security and integrity of the platform. 

The commitment to pay, given by means of a payment card is irrevocable. By communicating his credit card number and information mentioned, the customer authorizes skydive.ph to debit his credit card of the total amount of the order (shipping costs included). The amount charged to the customer's credit card will be the total amount of the products shipped to the shipping address of the customer, in addition, if applicable, of a contribution to the costs of preparation and delivery. 

Section 7 - Shipping and delivery

Shipping fees owed by the customer are automatically calculated at a flat rate depending on the value and delivery address of each order, they include shipping, packing and order processing. 

The amount of shipping is indicated in the shopping cart, the order summary and invoice. 

Products are delivered to the delivery address that the client has identified and selected during the ordering process. 

The products are delivered within an average between one (1) to two (2) business days for Hong Kong, from the date of the order validation by skydive.ph, depending on the geographical location and the shipping method selected. All times announced is calculated by working days out of weekend days and public holidays. Orders approved by the customer on Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday will be processed and validated by skydive.ph on the next business day. 

When a parcel leaves the warehouse of skydive.ph to be routed to the address specified by the customer when ordering, it receives an email from the site www.skydive.ph a shipping confirmation on which is indicated the tracking number of the package. 

The package prepared by our care shows no particular sign to ensure maximum discretion. The name of the sender appearing on packing slips is Cleverglow Limited, and not skydive.ph (for parcels outside of the countries of the Schengen area, the provision of the invoice is required for customs). 

There is no mention of the consignor in skydive.ph packages since these are packed in a neutral way, the deliveryman is not advised that he has a skydive.ph parcel to deliver you. 

The exceeding of a delivery time cannot result in damages and interest or restraint of any kind, or cancellation of orders in progress when excess arises either by the customer or because, unpredictable and insurmountable, of a stranger to the contract, or a case of force majeure. If after several non-successful passages of our carrier and despite our reminders, any package unclaimed after seven (7) business days will be permanently destroyed without any possibility of refund. 

For orders exceeding 5,000 Hong Kong Dollars, the customer may cancel the order by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to Cleverglow Limited - skydive.ph for ten (10) days exceeding the announced delivery date and not due to a case of force majeure. 

In case of prolonged delay after sending the shipping confirmation email, the buyer must report the delay to skydive.ph within fifteen (15) days to the customer service by email at the following address: contact@skydive.ph. An investigation may be initiated by skydive.ph. 

Section 8 - Return policy, satisfied or refunded

For the Products :
The customer has a cooling off period of seven (7) days after delivery to exercise his right of withdrawal provided for non-unpacking the product (non-breaking of the seal) without having to give any reasons or pay penalties except for return costs which remain at his charge. 

For any item(s) back between the 8th and 30th day, the delivery costs remain fully charged to the customer and the status of non-breaking of the sealed. Beyond this period of 30 days, no returns will be accepted. 

Any customer wishing to cancel and be refunded the total amount of his order will have to contact us before sending the confirmation of his order.

In all cases, the items must be returned in their original sealed packaging, complete, unopened, unworn, unused, unwashed, unwrinkled, labeled, new and accompanied by the return form available from the customer service of skydive.ph e-shop at the following address: contact@skydive.ph. The form carefully filled, it must be send to the following address: 

Cleverglow Limited - skydive.ph
20/F, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road,
Central, Hong Kong

All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the relevant invoice with a reminder of the order number. 

Returned items that don't meet the listed requirements above won't be refunded. 

The return costs and risks are always borne by the customer. The customer is strongly encouraged to send the package by any means that provides proof of sending and giving him certain date (registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, SF Express, etc...). 

Once the goods received, checked and accepted by our services, the refund of returned items at the price invoiced will be made by crediting the customer bank account corresponding to the credit card used for payment as soon as possible and no later than 30 days following the receipt by skydive.ph, of returned items. 

For any further information, complaint or question relating to the conditions of sale by correspondence established by skydive.ph or to the items themselves, customers should contact the customer service of skydive.ph e-shop to the following address: contact@skydive.ph, recalling in both cases, the reference and the date of the order. 

For the Services / All-inclusive Packages :
Once a booking or deposit has been paid and validated on skydive.ph it is not refundable. A re-booking can be made one time at a different period not exceeding a year from the original booking date by paying a total of 2500 PHP per participant.

Any notice regarding a cancellation or a rebooking must be made at least one month either :

By registered mail to the following address :
Cleverglow Limited - skydive.ph
20/F, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road,
Central, Hong Kong

By email at contact@skydive.ph

Customer must have read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page before validating his order and be aware of the risks of any aviation activity. Despite all the security measures the dropzone will take following the USPA recommandations, Skydiving activity may result in serious injury, permanent disability or death. We assume that the customers and any other participant who choose to participate in these sports are aware of the risks involved and are willing to accept the responsibility for their own actions and agree not to sue skydive.ph and any of its employees.

Weight Limits

A minimum degree of fitness is required to complete a tandem skydive and to ensure a safe landing for you and your instructor. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indicator of this.

Skydive Philippines - Siquijor Island requires each tandem customer to meet both, the weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) requirements listed below. These are the equipment’s manufacturer’s requirements and we cannot make exceptions for safety reasons.

     Weight: 80.0 kg/ 176.0 lbs or less.
     BMI: 27.5 or less.

     Weight: 90.0 kg/198 lbs or less.
     BMI: 30.0 or less.

There is no minimum weight requirement in order to be eligible to skydive. Please note, our staff will weight you (with your shoes and clothes on) when you check-in on the day of your skydive. You are welcome to visit our locations before you book your skydive to weight yourself on our scales.

Weight limit for AFF is 90 Kg.

Section 9  – Condition of products

1. Receipt of the order

The customer shall to monitor the status of the products upon receipt. 

If the product delivered is damaged, it is advised to the customer to precisely indicate any reserve on the delivery receipt, to the exclusion of any reservation of principle such as "subject to unpacking". 

The customer must provide evidence of dysfunction of the product by a video recording of the demonstration of the defective product as well as photographic evidence of his good faith. 

It is then up to the customer to notify by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the carrier its reserves at the latest within three (3) working days after receiving the product. Unless claimed within this period, any claim against the carrier shan't be admissible. 

2. Product compliance

The client will send a copy to skydive.ph mail sent to the carrier, noting the references on the delivery note via e-mail at the following address: contact@skydive.ph. 

Failure to comply shall be notified by the customer to skydive.ph, by email and support of pictures at contact@skydive.ph, within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of the products. skydive.ph will ask the customer to return the nonconforming product to process to a refund. 

Any return must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice with a reminder of the order number. 

Except for legitimate reasons, any claim made after the expiry of that period will be barred and the responsibility of skydive.ph shan't be held liable under the conformity of products delivered to the customer. 

At reception, skydive.ph will control the non-compliance of the returned product. 

If the returned product is found to comply with the order, skydive.ph will return to the customer at the fees advanced by the latter. 

In case of confirmation by skydive.ph of the non-conformity of the product, skydive.ph will proceed to the refund at its price. 

Section 10 - Confidentiality of data

The company Cleverglow Limited manages an electronic file that identifies certain personal data about its customers. When placing an order on the website www.skydive.ph by any new customer, the database is enriched with information about him, that will allow, thereafter, to better meet their expectations and facilitate assistance services provided by the customer service department. 

Depending on the choices made when creating or consulting their accounts on internet, customers are likely to choose whether they wish to receive offers from skydive.ph. If a customer does not wish to receive these offers, he may at any time make a request by sending an email at contact@skydive.ph. 

The website www.skydive.ph uses "cookies." A cookie is a file stored on the hard drive of the computer of the customer to enhance and personalize the service rendered by the company Cleverglow Limited. The customer retains the option to refuse cookies by configuring his browser.

In the event that the client consent to communicate individual personal data, he has the individual right of access, rectification and withdrawal and may in this respect remove information concerning him which is no longer relevant by sending a request to skydive.ph at contact@skydive.ph. 

Section 11 - Intellectual property rights

The brand "skydive.ph" texts, commentaries, photos, illustrations, logos, slogans, drawings and models on the website are and remain the exclusive property of the company Cleverglow Limited. Any total or partial reproduction, without the express consent of the company Cleverglow Limited, is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement and an offense. 

Section 12 - Applicable law

These terms and conditions and the commercial relationship between the company Cleverglow Limited and the customer are governed by the Hong-Kongese law. Any dispute relating to the commercial relationship between the company Cleverglow Limited and the customer will be subject to jurisdiction of the Hong-Kongese courts. 

1. Taxes and customs restrictions

Customs or import taxes shall be due as soon as the parcel reaches its destination country. You must pay any additional tax. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict customs policies which vary widely from country to country, please contact your local customs office of your country for more information. 

2. Customer service

For any information or questions, our customer service is at your disposal: 
- by email: contact@skydive.ph
- by whatsapp: +639451821002
- by facebook messenger: Skydive Philippines Siquijor Island