Tandem handicam shot - Included in base package

Tandem Jump Ticket + HD Video & Photos

On Tandem Skydiving you get to do a freefall jump attached to a highly experienced skydive instructor. The jump will be made from the highest altitude permitted by the local air traffic control at the time of the jump between 9,000 to 13,000 feet.


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Our package includes

Your Tandem Jump ticket

Enjoy an incredible experience with an unbelievable bird-eye view up to 13.000ft


HD Video and Photos

Replay these adrenaline filled moments as often as you need and share it with your friends 

To enjoy your Tandem Jump Ticket, you must meet us at the dropzone located at the following address

Skydive Siquijor Building, Cang Alwang, Barangay Tongo, Siquijor Island, Philippines

If you need assistance to book a transportation, we can arrange for you. Just let us know!

Feel free to check our private plane service page to book a flight from Cebu, Dumaguete or Bohol. We are operating everyday from and to those destinations.

You will receive confirmation of your booking's availability within 1 business day. Once confirmed, we will send you the voucher via email.


About the Tandem Jump :

On your life changing Tandem Jump, you will be briefed by your highly experienced sky dive instructor about the jump, and then you’ll be on the aircraft enjoying the scenic ride up to altitude.

After you exit the aircraft, securely fastened to your instructor, enjoy the freefall and the adrenaline rush as you fall at speeds up to 250 Kph (125 Mph) per hour!! The parachute ride is exhilarating as you float down back to earth.

In order to undertake a Tandem Jump, YOU NEED to speak and understand ENGLISH.

Your Tandem Jump - All the details you need to know :

Our dropzone is the only USPA Foreign Affiliated in The Philippines following the United states Parachute association (USPA) rules and regulations. The staff includes full-time professional instructors and pilots. All our instructors are Licensed by the USPA and UPT. Our equipments are the best available on the market and maintained following the USPA and UPT rules and recommendations. You cannot find any other better and safe place to experience your Tandem Jump. Feel free to ask your instructor for their current license and professional ratings.

With beautiful weather year round and sea views from a maximum of 13,000 feet there’s nowhere better to skydive, and no previous experience is needed. Our main attraction, the Tandem Skydive is a wonderful way for complete novices to experience the thrill of freefall in a wonderful environment with the most stringent safety standards and USPA Qualified Instructor’s.

Weight Limits :

A minimum degree of fitness is required to complete a tandem skydive and to ensure a safe landing for you and your instructor. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indicator of this.

Skydive Philippines - Siquijor Island requires each tandem customer to meet both, the Weight AND B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) requirements listed below. These are the equipment’s manufacturer’s requirements and we cannot make exceptions for safety reasons.

   Weight: 80.0 kg/ 176.0 lbs or less.
   BMI: 27.5 or less.

   Weight: 90.0 kg/198 lbs or less.
   BMI: 30.0 or less.

There is no minimum weight requirement in order to be eligible to skydive as long as your can fit safely into the tandem passenger harness. Please note, our staff will weight you (with your shoes and clothes on) when you check-in on the day of your skydive. You are welcome to visit our locations before you book your skydive to weight yourself on our scales.

Important Information about your Tandem Jump :

  • No Scuba Diving 24 hours before your jump as you risk severe decompression sickness if you do.
  • Alcohol, drugs and skydiving DO NOT mix. Do not drink before jumping. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not be permitted to jump.
  • Weather must be suitable for jumping. Excessive wind or clouds will prevent us from operating. In such a case your jump will be delayed or re-scheduled.
  • You will be jumping with the clothes you are wearing when you arrive at the dropzone. We recommend a t-shirt/sweatshirt without hood for the top part, long pants and closed sport shoes. No flip-flop, sandals or high heel shoes.
  • Personal video equipment (Gopro or similar, mobile phone, etc...) is NOT allowed and not safe to bring during your jump. The videoman in charge of taking picture and video of your jump will do that perfectly !
  • You MUST understand and speak english to be able to participate safely in your Tandem jump.
  • A basic degree of personal hygiene is required. Take shower before coming, brush your teeth, use clean clothes, and use deodorant.

Feel free to consult our Frequently Asked Questions page to know more about your tandem jump.


A Bird’s Eye View :

Once you’ve regained your composure (and your breath) after the freefall part of your tandem skydive, you will get a 4 to 5 minute canopy ride enjoying a bird eye view of the world around you. On perfect clear conditions we have a great view over the Island of Cebu, Negros Oriental with Dumaguete, Bohol/Panglao, the famous scuba diving spot of Apo Island, Mindanao, even Cagayan de Oro. If you’d like and depending on the weather conditions, you can assist the instructor flying the parachute and together you will fly back to the ground for landing.


Professionally edited Photo’s & Video :

The video is HD quality and professionally edited with music. Basic package include handicam videos and photos taken by your tandem instructor. Outside Video and photo’s are taken by a professional air to air videographer and this offer the best view and perspective of your skydive. You can transfer everything on a USB Key, memory card or mobile phone afterall for your own usage. Don't forget to Add a USB key to your package for a brain-free solution after your jump to take away all your photos and videos. The total size of the media experience is around 4 Giga Bytes. We will provide you pictures, raw videos and an edited version of the whole adventure (Pre-interview, ride to the altitude, the jump out of the airplane and the freefall, the parachute ride and the landing).

Our base package include handcam capture of the whole experience. If you want to have the best perspective of your jump taken by a videoman, feel free to add the "Outside Video" option to your booking.

Our new option available is the Deluxe 360 Video option! Your tandem instructor will use the latest video equipment available on the market to take a breath taking view of your tandem jump from your jump and parachute ride. The whole scenery will be captured and your emotions will be digitally secured forever. We will provide your the raw footage and include those moments on your final edited video to share with your friends and family after you have regained your mind.

Peace of mind cancellation and rebooking insurance :

You can add the Cancellation and rebooking Insurance to secure your booking in case of any change to your travel plans. All the validated bookings made through our website are not refundable or are rebookable at a cost. If you choose to add the Cancellation and rebooking Insurance option, you can rebook anytime within a year of your original booking or get fully refunded at no cost for whatever reason you feel like. Perfect choice if you only stay for a few days on the island when the weather is not cooperating, if you miss your connection trip to the island or if you have last minute change of personnal plans.

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