First Jump Course


This training course is perfect if you still thinking about learning skydiving.

At good price, you will receive your first ground school training, and TWO Tandem Jumps !

See below the detail of our package.


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About the First Jump Ground Course :

The First Jump Ground course is a part of the Category A of the Advanced Free Fall Program (AFF). The First Jump ground Course usually last a day and at the end of this course you will be able to start skydiving on your own under the supervision of an instructor.

The topics covered during this course are the following :

  • Solo Equipment Orientation
  • Free Fall Body Positions
  • Main Parachute Deployment
  • Canopy Piloting Skills
  • Basic Landing Training
  • Landing Hazards
  • Emergency procedures

The First Jump course is the most intense and tough part of the AFF Program. You have to be sure to understand and assimilate all the informations prior to making your first Jump.

To improve retention, we will introduce only the essential informations you must know to make your first jump safely.

Other important information can be presented as it become relevant and as you make a firmer commitment to learn more about the sport.

In order to undertake a First Jump Course, YOU NEED to speak and understand ENGLISH.

What's Next ?

After receiving the First Jump Ground Course training, you will go forward on making your first jumps. The first jump will be a Tandem Jump with an AFF Instructor. During this first skydive, the Instructor will check that you have assimilated all the information given during the first Jump Ground Course and that you have learned the first jump dive flow (Exit Count, Altitude awareness, body Position, Parachute Deployment simulation, and opening at the planned altitude).

After a successful Tandem Jump, you will be ready to jump with your own parachute system, deploy your own canopy and land by yourself. You will be assisted by two instructors during this jump and given information during the jump to make it perfect.

You will be then ready then to go forward in the sport and pursuit either on the AFF Program or A-License Course !

Are you ready for it ?


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